Welcome Back

It has been awhile. Ok, it has been many whiles. I blame it on babies and basketball and winter/darkness/sad lamp season. Blah, blah, excuses, I know.

To refresh the mind as well as the habit, I decided it was time for a clean slate. New site, new name, really get back to the guts of what I’m trying to share.  Hence the new name, Wanderlust.


It fits many things, my personality, our lifestyle, but most importantly, it’s a reminder that this is part of why we live abroad. It was a choice to pack up and move thousands of miles from those we love, to wander the world and explore the unknown. It’s not always understood, though our families try to accept our decision with grace. The babies have made this harder, we are creating more people for them to love, but keeping them far away. That’s a guilt I’m becoming accustomed to carry. Though I never imagined a future where my children would regularly kiss an iPhone screen to bond with their grandparents, they seem to be coping just fine.


Over the last few years, between the move from Cairo to Moscow and the addition of two amazing little people to our family, I have felt the “impulse to wander” die down a bit. The miasma of pregnancy/infant in the house overload made me curl into my shell and want nothing more than a comfortable place to sit down and a few hours of sleep. But we’re ascending the hill of the next chapter of our lives, and it’s an interesting landscape. No more desire for babies, student loans dwindling fast, long whispered dreams drawing closer to reality.

And with all those things, the wanderlust is beginning to brew.

Next week, I will take my first trip of the school year and head to Prague for our MS Girl’s basketball tournament. And I’m genuinely excited. Super excited to see our girls play, looking forward to a whole plane ride with no one else to entertain, feed, clean off bodily fluids, etc.  That in itself is about 85% of my excitement. But what’s left is a renewed energy towards going somewhere interesting and having no idea what fun adventures might be waiting.

The rest of the spring will be very busy with travel. Between the two of us, we go to Prague, Budapest, Iceland (Ryan, for discovery week and I’m uber jealous!) Warsaw, Florence, Dubai and one trip yet to be decided for the girl’s softball tournament in May. And it has become so easy to see that as no big deal, when really it is huge. All of these trips (except Florence) are school sponsored or professional development.

That is incredible. Something to dwell on regularly so we never forget how amazing this world of international education can be. We will travel more in a year (for free) than some people will travel their entire lives. My biggest moments of learning and reflection on the intricacies of life have happened while traveling. And I believe this Mark Twain quote says it best:

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 9.46.55 PM.png

In this era of Trump/violence/ignorance/insanity that I can not even begin to fathom, I will turn back to travel and remember that the world is full of unique, interesting, flawed and hopeful people, trying to live their lives in the best way they know how. Even he who shall not be named.

So welcome to Wanderlust, and if you’ve been reading since the Cushman in Cairo, welcome back! I hope you’ll enjoy this glimpse into our world.

One thought on “Welcome Back

  1. Glad to see you writing once more. Please keep your blog going. It helps to bridge the gap and not being able to see you guys as much as we would like to. Love, GP


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