Strawberry pancakes and gymnastics

We are on February break right now. It’s been pretty wonderful so far, very relaxing and there’s even been a bit of sunshine here and there. Though as I write this, it’s 30 degrees and snowing.

Most of the families at our school hit the slopes this break, or go somewhere warm. My feed is full of pictures of Thailand, Bali and the Maldives. We’re on track to have the last of our student loans paid off in a few months, so we decided to stay in Moscow to save money. It’s been a good balance, later mornings, lazy play time afternoons and more time with the kids. Our nanny is still working as well, so our house isn’t a disaster and Ryan and I have gotten a chance to have some dates.

Today was exceptionally fun. Q and I made strawberry pancakes while the baby and the daddy slept in.

He loves the whole ensemble while cooking, apron, chef’s hat, oven mitts and his own measuring cups (which aren’t allowed to get wet or actually do any cooking). And I love that he’s a lot more likely to actually eat something.

Then we trekked through the snow and cold to take the bus to gymnastics. They usually go during the week when we’re at work, so this was a fun chance to see what a Russian gym looks like. I’m not sure what I was expecting, Soviet era jumpsuits, thick mustaches? I’m pretty sure it was the same as most gyms anywhere in the world. Our 3 year old is sweaty and starving afterwards, so it works for us.



Just looked up what the sign outside the gym says. Courage, durability and improvement, our way! With a solid Russian power fist thrown in for good measure. It also looks like we could transition Q over to MMA fighting if we want to, so yeah, there’s always that.

The little one was asleep or at home for most of the day, she didn’t really play a large part in the day’s activities. But she is in constant motion when we’re home! Pulling up and cruising around all the furniture, free standing and even taking a step or two to get between pieces of furniture. I can’t even describe what a pleasure she is in our home. We will also not be discussing the fact that she will be one year old in a few weeks. Way too surreal, still processing.

A few more days left for playtime, lazy mornings and all day silliness. Then we’re back to work and only 4 months left in the school year. Hope everyone’s travels, staycations or work weeks have been fun too!


One thought on “Strawberry pancakes and gymnastics

  1. Glad to hear about some real down time for Ryan and you. It goes without saying that the kids love having Mommy and Daddy home. Quincy is a young person full of surprises and talents. Rowen is just a bundle of joy and energy. PS:Stay warm.


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