Party for one

It’s so cliche, but also absolutely true. Everything with kids goes by fast, and with #2, we’ve switched from turbo to light speed.

How did we get to her first birthday this soon?

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This little puddin cup has been such a good baby, such a fun addition to our household, and so very different from her brother. Which is not to say that Q was a bad baby, or a difficult addition. Up until she was born, we thought he was super chill. Then we met R and realized Q had actually been a lot more work by comparison.

As I type this, she is walking back and forth down the hallway in our apartment talking, squealing, banging on the walls and leaving a path of toys and destruction in her wake. She is very independent, incredibly easy going, smiley, physical, happy, loves eating and exploring, doesn’t like sitting still for long. She is also enormous in comparison. Probably connected to the fact that she actually enjoys food, but it’s not just her weight, she’s been 99th percentile for height for the last 6 months and looks like an 18 month old.

I’ve so enjoyed seeing her personality develop. She is very inquisitive, especially about how things work. Loves touching buttons and tools and anything electronic. Her smile is one of the first things people notice. And her favorite person on this planet is her big brother. He elicits smiles, giggles and is her constant focus in any room they share.


Her developmental track has been advanced, which has made things even more interesting. She was crawling and walking far sooner and takes on new challenges much quicker. Q has always been a watcher, thinking and planning, unwilling to try something until he’s ready for mastery. She’s much more adventurous and daring. This is the kid who will jump off our roof one day if we’re not keeping an eye on her. She also has about half the amount of hair Q had at this age and only budded her first two teeth last week. Still manages to chow down on just about every food we give her anyway. Cheerios; no problem, bread; sounds good, salmon and rice; get that spoon in my mouth woman!

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She shows very little interest in books or T.V. or anything else that involves sitting and doing the same thing for very long. I’m really looking forward to keeping her occupied on our flight home this summer! It’s probably going to be 10 hours of aisle walking with stops to chew on passengers here and there.

Without a doubt, her favorite time of day is when we turn on the water in the bathtub. Her ears perk up at the sound and she immediately heads for the bathroom from wherever she was.

Total water baby.

And she’s an interesting mixture of our looks. Q and I have pretty much the exact same coloring, but R is more like her daddy with Ryan’s skin tone, dark blue eyes, light brown hair, with wisps of strawberry blond.


She’s constantly surprising us with things she tries or just does unconsciously. Could be a 2nd child thing, but part of it is just her. I mean really, how does an 11 month old know to put her foot down and push for a scooter? She’s only seen Quincy use it maybe 2 other times since the snow just started melting last week. Wunderkind!


I still remember the day of her birth so vividly. It was only a year ago, but a day full of emotional upheaval. I didn’t get to hold her for 10 hours after she was born, not until I could move my legs, which wasn’t happening. I had been crying for over an hour in the post-op room. Doctor after doctor came by with horrible bedside manner and callous comments like “Your baby is fine, you are fine, stop crying.”

I had to turn away from all of it and ignore these people who could never understand what I was feeling. After nine long months of carrying her in my body, I wanted to hold my baby. I needed to feel her in my arms. And so they finally brought her to me, I looked into those beautiful eyes and within an hour I was able to move my legs and be taken to our room.


R gave me so much this year. A feeling of confidence as a momma, a relaxed feeling of “I got this”. I am so happy I was able to take a few months off of work to spend time with her. And I have so much pride and joy watching her grow and become more of herself every day.



Our goofy, lovely girl. I think it is very fitting that you were born on Pi day. There are amazing things in your future and we will love you far longer than the numbers in Pi.

Happy Birthday Puddin!


4 thoughts on “Party for one

  1. Your words and storytelling are so piognant and beautiful. We are all blesed that Rowen and Quincy came along to make all their close and extended families better for their being here. Much love to all. Papi

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How fun this was to read! What a special child she is. What a gift her Mommie has to be able to write and convey to those of us so far away the relationship of her family! We feel we are getting to know and love her! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind words Kay. You have always been incredibly kind and generous with your comments, even more remarkable for the fact that we’ve yet to meet in person! I look forward to meeting you one day.


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