Hamilton, games and a gala

This past weekend was jam packed. We actually had to sit down at one point and break each day up into sections to figure out if we had enough time to do all the different things we needed/wanted to do.

It started Friday evening with the surprise arrival of the Hamilton book, which I’ve been wanting to read for about 2 months.


This musical….. man it has grabbed a hold of my brain. The combo of rap, hip hop and history are strangely magical. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you can stream it on Amazon music if you have a prime account. Do it, you won’t be sorry!

I am now desperate to see the musical, and very sad that I will never be able to see it with the original cast. Unfortunately tickets are still very hard to get and very expensive. But it opens in London in the fall and I’m already working on about 6 justifications for us taking a very extravagant weekend theater trip.

Yolo right?

Friday night was Cards Against Humanity. As the side of the box proclaims, it is a party game for horrible people. Luckily we have found a couple of horrible people in our apartment complex. I can’t remember laughing so hard. Some highlights of the evening were discussions about one person’s penis breath and a wife’s skepticism about her husband’s ability to handle 72 virgins. You get the idea of what you’ll be dealing with?CAH

We made it through the entire deck that night, so it might be time to invest in an expansion pack. I would be very interested in some new cards to help vent out frustrations about current issues… ahem.


Saturday was Q’s swim lesson, which turned in to a mommy son date at the mall, complete with cheese fries, giant Legos and dippin dots for dessert.


No surprise that someone did not make it home before passing out.


Then it was off to the gala at the Ritz Carlton for Ryan and I, because you know, we are gala goers. Aka teachers who are lucky enough to win tickets to a super fancy party where we can gawk at the riches of others. I think the highest bid at the event was 15k for an interior designer. Pretty sure that doesn’t cover the cost of buying furniture, art and decor. Definitely not our price range.


It was a great party. We had delicious food and drinks. The entertainment was really interesting, with a sand painter who created an African savannah before our eyes.


But it was very difficult to get up with the kids at 7:00 the next morning. Luckily Q is getting really good at keeping himself occupied with imaginative games and stories. He pulled out one of our board games and asked if we could play. And it was one of those moments where your parenting strategy can diverge in an instant. My first reaction was to say no, because it’s a adult game with about 7,000 pieces all of which were going to be strewn across the floor. But luckily I swept that reaction away and said yes. The baby was taking a nap, there was no choking hazard and messes can always be cleaned up.


I’m so glad I didn’t shut down his request. He spent half an hour sorting colors, building wooden train tracks, driving trains around the board and having a grand adventure in his imagination.

It was a good prep for the evening where a neighbor and student at our school brought over a board game he invented for us to try, called Annexation.

Now, Ryan and I are big board game fans, especially nerdy complicated strategy games. But this game was the Lord of the Rings equivalent of other strategy games. Super impressive that he developed it himself, but I quickly realized I was entering an arena where I didn’t belong. The tally system involved a paper abacus! It took us 45 minutes to set the game up and we only got through 2 turns of play (which involved playing chess with our battle pieces) before our time was up. It was a school night after all.

Ryan was much better suited for this adventure. He jumped right in to the rule book, learned the strategies and was enjoying the challenge. I appreciated the ingenuity, but it was a bit too complicated for me. It involves pieces from 3 other strategy games and 15 page manual. But considering this was created by a high school student, I’m still up for another go, maybe as a partner with Ryan so he can explain everything for me. How many people can say they got in on the ground floor of something this ambitious.

We have our board setup to continue next time.


All the complications of this game working together to make something interesting. It reminds me of the music I’ve been listening to over the last few months of my Hamilton fixation. So many pieces of a massive puzzle. It’s remarkable to see what human beings are capable of. And when I watch my own kids playing, experimenting and discovering the world, it makes me so excited to think of what they will do in their lives.

Maybe they’ll make a broadway musical, maybe a board game, maybe they’ll cure cancer. The possibilities are as endless as their imaginations.

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