Budapest, Home Runs and Puzzles


I went to Budapest last week for our girls’ softball tournament. The weather was glorious most of the time, I mean look at that sky! This was the view from my hotel by the way, not too shabby. We did get some rain, but it didn’t really slow down the games. It did make for some beautiful stormy vistas in the background of my photos though.


The American International School of Budapest has an amazing campus. I had major field envy while we were there. So much outdoor space, so many fields and an incredible view of the valley around the school. They were hosting both the boys and girls tournaments, so there were about 3 million middle schoolers running amuck. It was a lot of fun.

IMG_5992IMG_5903 2IMG_5790IMG_5802IMG_5829

Our girls did really well, especially considering what a young and inexperienced team they were. We only had a handful that had ever played more than in PE class, so our third place finish was very exciting. We had lots of great fielding, pitching and even 5 or 6 home runs!


We also brought home the sportsmanship trophy, very much deserved because these girls were awesome kids to coach. They were absolutely worth the practices that looked like this most of the time.


I have never been so cold in my whole life.

Budapest was really lovely and with my fellow coaches, we had a few opportunities to get out and explore the city. I’d been here once before for the basketball tournament a few years ago, so I already knew it was beautiful. It’s definitely on the list of places to come visit on vacation and explore more with the family.


We flew back on Mother’s Day, and I got home just in time to see the little man for a bit before he went to bed. He is absolutely obsessed with puzzles at the moment, and has moved on to the ones for 7 and 8 year olds, because the age appropriate ones were getting too easy.


We’ve been trying to get outside as much as possible when the weather is nice, though it decided to start snowing again in May, just after we had packed away the kids winter coats. We had to fish them out again for the playground later that week. R looked like a pink marshmallow on the swings, but happy to be chilling in the rain. Q went on an earthworm saving mission, depositing them one by one back on the grass so the pigeons wouldn’t have such an open buffet.


It’s been a delight seeing them play together now that R is so mobile. They really seem to love spending time together, which makes me unbelievably happy.


This picture is my dream for their future. Head to head in the comfort of sibling love.


One thought on “Budapest, Home Runs and Puzzles

  1. Thanks for taking the time to write and post your thoughts, observations and daily experiences. It gives Mamie and I a feeling of closeness and we stay abreast of you, Ryan, Quincy and Rowens life. Ryan and you have truly blessed with two beautiful and caring children. The bond Quincy and Rowen have formed can never be broken. Thanks to Ryan and your parenting skills.


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