No more Paw Patrol

Ever had a theme song stuck in your head for days on end? No? Here, try this one!

Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol

be there on the double!

Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol

whenever you’re in trouble!

No job’s too big, no pups too small

Paw Patrol, we’re on a roll!

Yep, I didn’t even need to look up any of those lyrics. They are very clearly burned into my eardrums and long term memory.

Have you heard of the show Paw Patrol? If you have a kid under the age of five and you allow them out in public or around media, you probably have. We’ve been lucky in our little international expat bubble that the only TV the kids see is stuff we’ve gotten for them, so we usually have pretty good control. But then summer comes around, and America brings on the cable tv options and commercials!


It’s a show about this kid named Ryder, who I can only imagine must be the son of Iron Man. He has amazing technical skills and a vast arsenal of innovative machinery that could only be purchased with the wealth of his billionaire father’s credit card. He lives in his own tower (like his playboy father) in Adventure Bay, which is basically a little peninsula with a lighthouse offshore. The most striking thing I’ve noticed about Adventure Bay is that it’s entire population of adults are completely useless. They are constantly falling into holes, getting stuck under rocks, losing things, and generally being bumbling idiots that should not be in charge of anything. The mayor carries a chicken in her purse, enough said.

Then there are the main characters, six pups with full uniforms and atvs suited to their individual skills. There’s one with a police siren, loudspeaker and spy gear and another whose truck turns into a bulldozer to lift up all the rocks that the adults in town keep getting trapped under. And of course the one compulsory girl dog has to wear a pink/purple uniform and put a curler in her hair at night. Because you know… feminism.

Quincy’s favorite is Marshall. He’s the firepup who is always being silly, crashing into things and causing a mess. Hmmm, wonder why he feels a connection?



Ever since Grandma and Kyah (ahem, yes I’m placing the blame 😉 introduced him to the show this summer, he’s been hooked. And even Rowen, who is usually not into TV at all has started asking for it. As soon as that theme song starts blaring, they both run for their chairs and then sit transfixed.

img_8086.jpgExcept when Marshall does something silly, then Q rolls around squealing like it’s the funniest thing he’s ever seen in his life. Q and Marshall would be serious besties if they ever met in person.

Ok, so I’m not really mad about Paw Patrol, I mean we are the adults, we are the ones letting them watch it. And it’s actually pretty awesome to have an age appropriate option that they both like for those times that mommy and daddy just can’t deal anymore. But man, the scripted pattern of the show is really driving me nuts. Perhaps I should just start writing episodes for them.

Scene one- Have the pups playing something fun

Scene two- Have an idiot adult in the community do something stupid that puts themselves in danger!

Scene three- Interrupt pup’s fun activity with a call from Ryder (which they’re always so excited about!)

Scene four- Make a plan and dole out jobs!

Scene five- Implement the plan until… oops, the problem somehow always gets worse, we’d better hurry!

Scene six- Save the day!

Yep, that’s about it. It does teach about problem solving and resilience and being a good friend and helping people, which are all things we like. It has really crept into Q’s language patterns, his imaginative play, even his dreams, which has actually been a good thing because he hasn’t been having nightmares as much since he started watching it. Everything relates back to Paw Patrol, and so many new vocabulary words are popping up to surprise us.

So overall, it’s been a good thing, but man am I over it!

Though now that Ryan found a copy in Russian I get to practice new words while I sing!

Паул Патруль, Паул Патруль

быть там на двойном!

Паул Патруль, Паул Патруль

когда у вас проблемы!

Нет слишком большой работы, ни щенков слишком мало

Пауло Патрул, мы в рулоне!

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